Top 10 things I hate about IM Advertising Tactics

Top 10 things I hate about IM Advertising Tactics

Having checked out so many Internet Marketing sites, programs and products recently I jotted down this list as I went along:

  1. Entrepreneurs who show you the millions they have earned when you know that is only because they create programs/products rather than join up as mere affiliates.
  2. Videos that play automatically, especially those that do not have a pause button. So annoying If you have forgotten to turn the volume down from a previously low sound video or you are listening when all else is asleep in the house.
  3. You join up to a “free” site and before you get into the members area you have to go scroll, sometimes multiple, “wait before you go, “you’ll only see this once”, “second chance”, “third chance” pages trying to sell you something. How many people suffer from Splash Page RSI I wonder?
  4. Sites that you pay a membership fee for, only to find out that you got a really special offer – for the first month only and the real cost is 100% more.
  5. Splash pages that tell you absolutely nothing at all about the program. They lose out because, by the time I have found out which program it is and have read reviews elsewhere, my attention has been diverted elsewhere and I never go back.
  6. Training or advertising that is only video based. Videos frustrate me as they are so slow with a lot of extraneous detail compared to skimming or speed reading text.
  7. People who claim they have earned extraordinary amounts of money just to get you to sign up with them when you know it is plainly not true.
  8. So called totally free sites that require you to fork out money to access most of the program.
  9. Being charged as an affiliate to advertise an expensive product – isn’t the product itself good enough to sell and the creator just makes money off paid affiliate join-ups?
  10. Your Turn – please comment below with your pet hate about IM advertising tactics and I will add my favorite here as number 10 with a link back to your chosen personal website.

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