$8BucksTo500k Team Build

$8BucksTo500k Team Build

As my own online business has become more successful I have been able to spend more time on teamwork; mentoring and helping others, particularly those who have had little or no success. This has become my most enjoyable aspect of affiliate marketing.

The $8bucksTo500k Team Build is a new teamwork program that I have enthusiastically been involved with, since before its launch. Our team-build site e-measures.com is now open for all to join.

I have joined various other team-builds before but this is the friendliest and most helpful, and the cheapest to join. Aimed at giving everyone a fair chance, we start to build up our team downline of 39 members (a 3×3 Matrix) in the first team program, $2bucks2join. This downline then follows us into succeeding programs. To make sure that our members are all committed and willing to learn and to help each other, the requirement is that we find at least 3 personal referrals. After this your downline is filled using our team rotator link.

If you are thinking that you cannot get 3 referrals, I assure you that it is easy in this program because you can pif them in. The total cost to pif 3 in is only $5. Approaching contacts directly and offering to pay for them makes it simple. Our team offers support and guidance all the way via a Skype group whose members include the helpful program owners. Called a “team-build for life” we are in this for the long haul. Although starting off small in terms of how much we spend the potential profits are huge.

Extra features include

  • A large range of promotional tools (banners, email examples, splash and opt-in pages).
  • Downline builders to increase your referrals in other programs.
  • Access to the email addresses of your entire downline
  • Statistics on how well your advertising is doing; how many visitors you have had and where they came from.
  • Lists of resources and recommended advertising sites.

If you are interested in this team build, I will pif you in, help you myself and invite you to our Skype and Facebook  support groups.

Join our team build now

15 Responses to “$8BucksTo500k Team Build”

  1. Muhammad Yakoob Jokhio says:

    You made it so clear and easy in this blog to understand, even newbies can understand and get start right away, great job Sue.

  2. Thank’s for the usefull explanation-it’s right in the core!

  3. Ed Blount says:

    A simple concept Sue. Ideal for people who want to succeed and are willing to put in the effort, or are just learning the business.

  4. Love the whole idea of teambuilding, build your team once and get the rewards for a long time, lovely site!

  5. Hi Sue,

    I’ve never heard of this program before. Wow, when I see all those opportunities I think back when I needed help and had nowhere to turn, or so I thought anyway.

    Today you are getting tutorials, and very affordable ones at that, left and right.

    Do you have other posts where you explain in details how the system works and all the details? I may know some people interested. Seems like something interesting, though!
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Is Your Blog Content Mediocre At Best And How Can You Tell?My Profile

    • Sueblimely says:

      Hi Sylviane Yes there is a lot of help out there if you know where to look and are willing to take the time to learn. Many team builds are hands off though. People are often just added to a rotator and members just have to hope that this will be seen and that their name comes up.

      We are taking a very hands on approach to helping people build a downline with someone available on Skype 24/7 to talk to and ask for guidance. There is more information about the program on the http://8bucksto500k.com site which is accessible without having to be a member.
      Sueblimely recently posted..$8BucksTo500k Team BuildMy Profile

  6. Hi Sue,
    The team build concept is a very interesting one. One fundamental aspect of it is that everyone pulls their weight in all efforts. if this can be accomplished, it will benefit all in the group, especially those who lack the expertise to make it on their own.
    keep up the good work you are doing.
    Princess Shimari recently posted..ABOUT AVOCADOS!!My Profile

    • Sueblimely says:

      The reason we encourage members to use a personal approach when recruiting is so that they are more certain that a potential member will work with the team. Unlike many affiliate programs where you are much in the dark before you actually sign up we are open about all that is involved.

      Yes it is important that everyone pulls their weight and those with expertise share it.
      Sueblimely recently posted..$8BucksTo500k Team BuildMy Profile

  7. Adrienne says:

    So leave it to me Sue to start asking more questions.

    So is this a program that teaches people how to do affiliate marketing and you make your money from the teams that are built under you and the other programs that you are introduced to? Just trying to understand the concept.

    Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting and would love to know more.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Rid Spam From Your Facebook News FeedMy Profile

  8. Sueblimely says:

    It is not a formal teaching program Adrienne, although that may develop as time goes on. We use Skype to give hints and tips and to talk to those less experienced, often one on one. We refer people to resources that will help them.
    Sueblimely recently posted..$8BucksTo500k Team BuildMy Profile

  9. Thor says:

    Hi Sue, thanks for dropping by my blog! You’ve got a fast loading blog here and good to see our SWOM/Bizoppers friends commenting here as well. All the best!
    Thor recently posted..Social Message Connect: Game Changer in Online Marketing CampaignMy Profile

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