Internet Marketing Advertising Sites With Extras

Internet Marketing Advertising Sites With Extras

All of the recent programs that I have become a part of for business advertising all offer added value. They provide more than one way to get your message across, increasing your chances of success.

I do not have the time to spend hours surfing to gain credits for my own advertising for only minor results.  Even when I have paid to avoid the surfing I know only a small percentage of my ads will be looked at.  I want to advertise without being anonymous. I know that people are much more likely to follow me into programs if they know who I am.

Programs that do offer added features

ismMagic offers so much more than just banner ads. It is a fully featured social network for Internet Marketers.  You can advertise in many ways: through your social wall, messages, groups, forums and  blog posts. You add friends and make contacts.  You can join for free,  use more features, and earn your upgrade much more quickly than similar sites.  It is not cluttered with spam.  This is a friendly network where you can mix with a range of people from experienced professionals to beginners.  I have really benefitted from being a part of this. I gain referrals as well as good leads and knowledge and earn at the same time.  It is my favorite business social network.  If you are a member of other social networks it is very likely that you will find some of your friends on ism.

Apsense is a popular and long standing program but it is not standing still; some new and very useful features have been added recently.  As well as a traffic exchange and text ad surfing you get  social networking features . You can also build your own fully featured Business Centre, write RevPages (review pages where you advertise a product or service) and ezine articles. Free advertising is available  via User Ads  which rotate on your content pages (articles, RevPages, groups …). You can earn or buy credits for Credit Advertising Campaigns.  Paid advertising methods are also available.

Tabzi is a new and unique program. It is a  traffic exchange, banner and text advertising, social network and money making program. The TE surf window has a message bar where you can post links, with the option of posting them to Twitter at the same time.  This is an incentive to stay on the page (your own TE ads are more likely to be seen) but you still earn credits even if you go off somewhere else.  You can advertise on your own profile page and send messages to your contacts. You can review, promote or comment on websites, affiliate programmes and money making opportunities. A novel feature is that you can also use your credits to bid to get followers. is another site that has a traffic exchange as part of its features.  You earn

Totally Tweetable is a type of safelist with the added benefit of your messages also being posted to an account with Instant Blog Subscribers which is free to join.

If you know of other traffic exchanges or banner advertising sites that offer extra features please leave a comment below. I will choose the best 3 links and add them to this post, including your own referral link.

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