Analysing Social Networking Site Traffic

Analysing Social Networking Site Traffic

I use to shorten my links for posting to Twitter and to Facebook at the same time. I use the same shortened links to post to my IM Social Networking sites too and usually for links on this site too. I checked out the analyse feature on the site last week. You are able to see details of where your links were clicked on the most, which is one way of showing me where to concentrate my posting efforts.

It is always worth checking where your visitors are coming from fairly regularly.  After doing it for a while you will see patterns begin to emerge. This way you don’t waste time on activities that are not paying dividends, you can concentrate on areas that need improving and put new methods into practice. It is also good as a forecasting tool to predict what is going to happen in the future.

I discovered something very interesting as far as the Marketing Social Network sites were concerned. Here is the graph to illustrate what I mean:

where link hits came from

As you can see from this, the majority of clicks came from links that I have posted on this site as well as direct, which includes Twitter and search engines. This is to be as expected. What is interesting is the click through rate from the social networking sites.  Facebook does not really surprise me but the click through rate from Celoy and Doubster does. I have been on BizOppers the longest and it has the larger membership than Celoy and Doubster. It has performed well since I joined.  Celoy which is cheaper to join and is earning me more money than BizOppers, to date, is already up there with it. I am going to put more effort into Doubster to see if I can get the numbers higher there too. As I accumulate more contacts on Facebook I hope to see this percentage increase.

I am going to check Google Analytics next to see where visitors to this site are coming from. I will keep you updated to help you work out which sites to make the most effort on.

If you are not a member of these well performing sites then here are my links:


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