Firefox Add-Ons for Internet Marketers

Firefox Add-Ons for Internet Marketers

If you are a frequent web surfer you need to be able to access and process information as quickly, productively and as efficiently as possible. Internet Marketers and those who build or manage web pages have extra needs such as analyzing websites, researching keywords and capturing images.

Firefox has a wealth of tools to help you achieve this, helping you save time and increase your productivity. You can see a list of resources on my new Facebook Add-Ons Page I will update this when anything new and interesting comes up.

Please keep in mind that installing too many add-ons can slow your browser down. If you want hints on speeding up your browser please read the post on my main blog Speed Up Your Firefox Browsing

I make full use of the Profile Switcher add-on mentioned there, as well as using the built in Firefox profile chooser when I start the browser. I keep one Firefox profile purely for my web building/design work, another for personal use and another for my Internet Marketing tasks. Each has its own distinct and topic focussed add-ins, toolbars, bookmarks, bookmark toolbar customizations and saved passwords. For instructions on how to use different profiles please visit my post Speed Up Your Firefox Browsing on my other blog Blogging Sueblimely.

Not only does this keep my browser as fast as possible, it frees each profile of too much clutter so that I can find what I want much more easily. It also keeps me more focussed on the task on hand rather than being diverted by hard to resist distractions such as messages on Facebook, new tweets or easily accessing websites that have nothing to do with the type of work I am doing.

However much I love Firefox and its versatility, if I want to do a quick search or browse the net just for the sake of it I use Chrome for its speed and tendency not to crash as much as Firefox.

You may be thinking that I am so organized and therefore productive but I can wander off from what I need to do so easily that I need these tools to help me. The internet is always calling me to learn and find out something new and, increasingly, to refresh my memory of things past.

While writing this, for example, I watched a few YouTube videos, I had to check out a news headline that popped up in my Gmail notifications about the Australian airline Tiger Airways being grounded for a week. I felt compelled to add a message on Twitter to #5thingsyoucantdo (they were lose your head, roflao, wear heart on sleeve, be what you eat, lend someone a hand in case you were interested).  Add to this some social networking on BizOppers and Celoy this post took me hours!

See how easily I diverge!  Please check out my Firefox Add-Ons Page to help you in your work.



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