Friday Freebies – Courses and Ebooks

Friday Freebies – Courses and Ebooks

Here are a few of the free resources I came across this week which I think will be of use to you in your marketing efforts.

I do not add too many links to my posts because of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons. Instead I offer free ebooks, links to interesting content and free tools and resources via my newsletter, which I send out a couple of times a month.  Although I may keep you informed of what is working for me, the newsletter is intended to be useful  to you rather than a selling mechanism.

Free Internet Marketing Courses

Internet Marketing for Smart People is a free 20-part course and ongoing email newsletter from CopyBlogger.  You do have to sign up for this but I have been receiving the CopyBlogger newsletter for years as it is always good value.

The 30 day challenge is a well respected, fully featured, online course which guides you step by step through the process of making money online. Amazingly it is completely free.

Free eBooks

Get Organized for Traffic Exchange Success – A freebie from me. You can rebrand this with your own links and give it away too.

50 SEO & Website Tips for the International Marketer on Hubspot A guide on how to optimize your website to generate more traffic Internationally. The book covers such topics as SEO, link building, hosting, language and page loading times. I often read articles on Hubspot so although you do have to fill in your information to get this ebook, the site is worth it.

Monetizing Online Forums shows you how to make money from your online community sites and forums. No signups needed.

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