Friday Freebies 01

Friday Freebies 01

Friday Freebies is going to be a regular feature here on mmm oh containing my delicious recommendations for free and useful resources to save you time and help you with your marketing efforts.

Here is what is on the menu this week.
Twitter tweet later scheduler


Unlike most other tweet later/scheduling services, Buffer is free and comes with many tasty features.

When using Twitter it is better not to bombard your followers with multiple messages at the same time. I stop following those people who are too prolific because their tweets dominate and hide those of others I may be interested in.The time you are tweeting may mean many of your followers do not see your message at all. Scheduling to post new tweets and repeat them is very useful.

Buffer automatically shortens links or uses your own bitly shortened links. You can use it via the buffer bookmarklet or addons for Firefox Chrome , Safari, Twitter, Google Reader.

pdf to word nitroPDF to Word Converter

This free downloadable application allows you to convert PDF files to create editable DOC/RTF files. You can then open the files in your chosen editor such as Word, Excel, OpenOffice and html editors. From there you can edit as you wish and save it or convert it back to a PDF document.

This is an excellent tool for editing your own pdf documents and editing or adding your own links on other pdf documents that you have permission to alter. Using the formatting capabilities of other programs you can add layout,design features and images to enhance the original PDF file.

The program was created by the company that made Nitro PDF Professional
nitro pdf reader

Nitro PDF Reader

Another free program from Nitro is PDF Reader which has many more features than its buggy counterpart, Adobe Reader. On install you have the option to make this your default pdf reader. That was a definate yes for me as I am tired of Adobe Reader crashing and freezing my browser.

  • Create PDF files
  • Highlight and review text
  • Add sticky notes
  • Fill in forms
  • Add text to pages
  • Sign pages
  • Work with multiple PDFs at the same time

Google + Project

Google + is a social networking platform touted to take over from Twitter and Facebook. True or not, G+ is already an enormously popular despite still being an invite only service. If you want an invite to G+ please contact me via my contact form.

I will do a full review of G+ next week.

avast-free-anti-virus-logoAvast Home Edition Free Antivirus

My choice of antivirus software for three years now. My partner runs a mobile computer business and regularly has to clean viruses off PC’s. He always installs Avast. I joke that he is doing himself out of business by installing that.

Avast’s user based webrep voting system helps you avoid unsafe websites. When you open your browser you will be able to see the reputation of every site you go to. Search engine listings show a little rating icon next to each item.

I hope you have enjoyed your first weekly taste of my recipes on mmm oh but please forgive me for the puns.


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