Internet Marketing News Roundup

Internet Marketing News Roundup

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Payza News

You may have heard that the payment processor Payza has cancelled the accounts of what it considers the more “high risk” businesses; those that have any indication of a “literal” rate of return. The terminology is vague. so how many of the businesses we are involved with will be affected remains to be seen. Payza is responding to increasingly strict legal requirements in the US. Businesses affected have had advanced warning and have been able to withdraw any funds they had in Payza.

Payment processor with commissionsEgoPay is a replacement for Payza: a payment processor/electronic currency (e-currency) that a lot of businesses are already turning to as an alternative.  JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler is one of them.  Hopefully this will resolve problems programs have had with customer withdrawals. EgoPay will accept transfers from Payza, which is handy for those of us who have balances there. To reassure you, any money that you do have in Payza is secure. You will still be able to withdraw it. Payza is recommending EgoPay as an alternative.

One advantage is that EgoPay  offers Residual Affiliate Income. When you join you are given a referral id and you will earn 1% of all deposits from your referrals for life each time they fund their account using Payza or Exchangers.

I recommend that you set up your EgoPay account straight away.  Join EgoPay

Team Build For Life

I have been fortunate to have been invited to join in a team build program which has great possibilities for long term continued income. I can’t say any more at this stage as we are only recruting personal contacts. So if you are interested please contact me.

Site News

sueblimely-world-news-125x125I am starting to create individual pages/splash pages on this site for my more successful money making opportunities.  I can then use these pages when advertising. There is another advantage too. Instead of having too many external links that may not rank well I am going to be linking to my own content instead.

I can make these pages no-follow and direct the search engines not to crawl them. I will not be penalized because of these links. Here is the first of many pages.

I have also updated the Biz Opps List. I am only including programs that are working for me. Although UltimatePowerProfits is still in pre-launch for a couple of weeks more, I consider that it is working because of the number of referrals it is getting including founder members.


I already download banners and then upload them to my site rather than linking to the banners on the individual business opportunity sites. Again this means there are not too many external links and the images are quicker to load.

ismMagic Anniversary Relaunch

125x125 bannerYou may have read of my enthusiasm for the ismMagic social network for Internet Marketers. This week saw their 1st Anniversary, new features and changed compensation plans.  This is based on the experience of the prior year and listening to its members.

Please do join me there and I will help you set up, find your way around and introduce you to people. Join as a free member and take advantage of the social networking. You can earn an upgrade into the money making side of the program. Join ismMagic





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  1. Adrienne says:

    Hi Sue,

    Well this was some great information of things that are going on and what you’re involved in.

    Being new to your blog I can see that you have updates on things on a regular basis so that’s a pretty great idea.

    I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy what you share with us.

    I appreciate the info and you enjoy your week. Best of luck!

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