ISMmagic Prelaunch

ISMmagic Prelaunch

Tomorrow is the day that ISMmagic, Integrated and Social Marketing Magic, enters into its first prelaunch stage.

I have been an active member of this friendly social network for network marketers since the start and have followed its progress with interest. We are all looking forward to tomorrow.

The making money aspect will involve a 4 x 9 matrix with 3 membership levels. Even as a  free member you will earn monthly commissions on all upgraded members in your downline, even if you didn’t refer them.


You will be paid cash while socializing with other members; an excellent combination.

The added bonus, which is completely free, is that you can find contacts and develop business relationships and friendships. They can then can help you to boost your income in your other business opportunities and introduce you to new ones.  You can find referrals, build your list and be sponsored by people you know and trust to guide you.

ISMmagic is great for the experienced as well as newbies because of the training and help you get from other members through.

  • The community on the ISMmagic site itself
  • A Skype group chat where you can talk to experienced members and to the site owners themselves. I drop in there regularly.
  • The Magic School – where you will be able to learn to be a marketing wizard

Traffic exchanges, safelists and list building sites can work but they take up your time and you are marketing to strangers, many of whom will not have the slightest interest in what you are offering. If they do sign up under you it is often difficult to build up a relationship to the extent that they will upgrade. On ISMmagic this is not an issue as you can add your referrals as friends and you can then help and advise them. This makes it much more likely that they will upgrade.

I highly recommend that you join ISMmagic as soon as you can.

Please view the following video for more information:


YouTube Preview Image


Three levels of membership:

  • Full – $25 per month*
  • Intermediate – $15 per month*
  • Free – can earn their upgrade
  • Unique Compensation Plan

*plus 20% VAT for UK and some EU members

Making Money

  • 4 x 9 Midas Matrix with real time compression;
  • Fast start bonuses;
  • Ongoing referral commissions;
  • Activity bonuses , which will not require votes or likes from other members;
  • 80% of full members’ fees will be paid out as commissions and bonuses;
  • 66% of intermediate members’ fees will be paid out as commissions;
  • 50% of advertising contribution will be paid out as bonuses.


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