MMM… Site News

MMM… Site News

Organization, consolidation, new site pages and blog posts have been keeping me busy this last week. This is all in addition to my ongoing tasks of advertising and social networking, which you are likely familiar with.

I continue to get sidetracked by non-work related internet news and networking. Just now, for example, I was checking out what was new on Twitter and had to go and check out why Princess Bride was trending and then read obituaries for Peter Falk, who I remember mostly for Columbo. I joined BlogFrog, intending to do some business networking but instead had some fun in the Witty Women forum. There I go again being sidetracked. Now for something completely different – news of this site and my recent activities on this wonderful www. The sidetrack was really on purpose – a very sneaky way of trying to get search engine traffic. Have I no shame? However I suspect that, because this is so off-topic, for this blog that I won’t fool the search engines one bit. I will keep you posted.

New Contact/Follow Me Page

This lists ways you can follow me via social networking pages such as Twitter and bookmarking sites. I have also added a contact form for you to message me by email.

New BizOpps Page

I list the opportunities that I recommend on the BizOpps page. They are all sites that I have joined myself. There will be more but, until I have had chance to check them out more thoroughly, I will not list them. I know I will probably wasting my time on some that I am trying out but I don’t want you to waste yours too.

Blogging Sueblimely

A link in the top menu to my long standing blog Sueblimely Blogging. Here I give tips, tools and resources for blogs. I will be writing more frequently there again and many of the posts will be useful to you for your own websites or planned ones. I am always open to questions so if there is something you need to know about blogging, blog and website design, blog templates please contact me via contact form or by leaving a comment on a post. I am delighted to see that Googlebot must have had a hiccup because after a week or so of being downgraded, I am now back up to a pagerank of 4. (I am glad you are now well Mr Googlebot and I am glad to see that you appreciate me being your friend by supplying you with lots of juicy keywords for your consumption).

Facebook Page

Making Money Methods Online If you take a look there you will see that I acknowledge my followers with a wall post giving a link to their website. If you like my page I will reciprocate with a wall post and will like your own page if you have one. I am a believer in link-love.

Spam Spam Spam Spam

The automated spambots have very found me, very quickly too. If comments are obviously genuine, based on their relevance to the subject matter of the post, I will take them out of spam and publish. Bring it on you spammers and all I can say to you is:

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