Monday’s mmm Roundup

Monday’s mmm Roundup

A new feature on this blog will be a weekly roundup of recommendations to help you with  your online marketing. This will include:

  • Blog Articles that you may find useful
  • Tools and resources for blogging, website building and social networking
  • An update of my own online money making activities

This week I have been concentrating on social networking which is of course an excellent way of getting yourself, your websites and your products or business opportunities known. I hope these will also help you too:

  • I was invited to join the Titanium Social Marketing group. It is not a huge network but it is often easier to get to know people with smaller groups. If you join please come and say hello to me. I am Sue Bride on there.
  • Celoy is still bringing me lots of new contacts and I am making a decent amount on there.
  • I finally got invites to Google + after feeling very left out because friends were blogging about it. Thanks to my son and Renny of RennyBA’s Terella for inviting me. I am in the process of finding more people I know to connect with there.
  • I  joined The Team Building Project a while ago but have now had chance to have a good look through the instructions and  IM training material.  It is completely free and I recommend it.
  • I joined up was given my WOW factor on  After adding my social networks I was surprised to find that I rank no 3 in Australia  and 106 worldwide. Now I have an incentive to participate more on social sites to get under 100.

Top 3 Australia listing


  • After reading 4 Ways to Use Twitter Data to Optimize Your Social Activities. I joined up with the 4 services recommended: Crowdbooster, SocialMention, SocialFlow and Klout. I tend to join everything going, just to check them out, but if you read the article first you may be able to decide what would suit you the best.
  • I got burnt by one of my investments. ApexCatFishFoundation has disappeared off the face of the earth. Thankfully I did not lose very much.
  • I continue to do well with JSS Tripler not only profit wise but in the number of referrals I am getting.

I am also working on a big project which involves me getting a website up and running and promoted within the next 10 days. This is a personal project of mind and not work related. I will tell you more when the site goes live.

In the midst of all this I am having home renovations done and I have been moving furniture and years of accumulated “stuff” all around the house so the painters can do their job. A busy week.




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